Eevi Nieminen

Eevi Nieminen


They say that we should eat half kilo of fruits and vegetables in a day. But how do we know the actual amount? Here are some new ways to remember the amount of fruits and vegetables needed daily.

This is a metal slide, that keeps your fruits in order, and also looks nice in your kitchen as well. It truly has a nice design on it, and it looks fun to see fruits going on in their own slide. This chrome slide is designed by Michael Andeon and Maria Axelqvist.

And how about this dynamic triangle bowl by Danilo Calvache? Or how about putting your fruits in order one on the other? Or in roulette game-like bowl allows you to play some games?

And this is Movisi‘s Flat Knot bowl, which is knotted into itself.

Not only it holds fruits, but this bowl is simply stylish, got the unique shape and reflects on surface make it nicer decoration when it has no fruits also.

Cool Chrome Centerpieces: 5 Sleek Metal Fruit Bowl Designs [dornob]

Eevi Nieminen



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